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  • High Heat Load (HHL) housing - sealed permanent encapsulation. 
  • 2.5-13 µm AR-Coated window and lens
  • Beam divergence < 6 mrad 
  • Thermo-electric cooler (Peltier) integrated.
  • NTC thermosensor. 
  • Heatsink must be kept at 20°C with a thermal resistance 0.1°C/W for optimal operation.

Laser in HHL (Request Quotation)

    • Room-temperature Continuous-Wave singlemode emission at a wavelength between 4.35 - 13 µm from stock. 
    • Typical average power ranging from 1 to 100 mW (please check with for higher power).
    • Linewidth <0.3 cm-1 due to measurement resolution, expected to be a few MHz. 
    • Full tuning range ~0.7% of central wavelength (e.g. ~10 cm-1 at 1500 cm-1)
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